Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Starting over

Well there is nothing like all new. In fact so new and starting so fresh its a start with nothing. Well almost nothing. I still have my cutter. How many times have you heard backup backup backup? So I backed up everything to my external hard drive because my laptop was dying. Unfortunately in a matter of minutes my laptop overheated and shutdown, which caused an internal operating error on my XHD. So now not only have I lost all my files, I have also lost all my backup.

Its very sad to not only lose all your own designs and sketches and layouts, but also all those gorgeous ones that your friends had kindly shared with you over the years.

I now have a new computer - have gone with a MAC - and have downloaded the MAC version of Inkscape, so I can once again start designing. But with a whole new learning curve just on figuring how to work those little bits of the MAC. He is mostly wonderful though (yes I've labelled it a him) and I only occasionally get the little wheel of death, as my daughter likes to call it.

I'm currently on the learning curve as I'm sure so many of you have been to work out whats compatible with my Cougar and MAC. Now winter has hit its as good as time as any to get crafting. Starting at the bottom of the slope seems a little harder this time though.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All new.

I've been doing the big delete. So far over 100 posts I've deleted, with another 300 or so to go. Why? Because its time to start afresh. Let go of the old, and embrace the new. Instead of this blog just being for cutter files, I wanted it to be for layouts, templates, sketches and photography. I hope you enjoy this new journey with me. If you're here for cutter files, there will be some new ones of those this year as well.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Layout: Crescent

My layout from todays sketch, featuring my
gorgeous girl , catching some waves
on her new board.


Sketch...countdown to the weekend initiated

its almost the weekend, so I thought I'd share another sketch in case you can squeeze some scrapping time in over the weekend.

Off to find some pics to play with.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Layout: QVB @ Christmas

Super simple, but another page accomplished from the sketch I offered up. On the road to achieving some pages done!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Proof ! and Another Template/Sketch

I have so much scrapping to catch up on I've set myself a goal of 1000 pages for this year. Oh hope you were sitting down for that! So here's proof that I've started. Its from the sketch I offered the other day. The font is ratinfested mailbox. Love it. And there's a mask, torn paper and the background. Very simple, but I like it.

Its time for another sketch. There can be 7 pics, or 1 big one and 6 embellishments. Whatever grabs your fancy. Just get scrapping. Feel free to comment with a link to your page so I can drool over your handiwork.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

I'm starting this year off with something a little different. I've had some good time off, my scraproom has become an absolute disaster area, and trying to access let alone sort through supplies just makes me cringe. So I thought I'd start off quietly and easily with a digi page.

Now I know most people that stop by here are looking for GSD or SVG or KNK files. But I'm fairly certain that most of you scrapbook as well. So if you don't need the digi file (its PSD format), that is fine, just be inspired by the sketch. And yes its really simple to start with. Because we all need baby steps now and then.

Clicky for the download link.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cutter File Conversion Table

Have you ever wondered what files you can convert to, or convert from for your software? Well Ducky has created a conversion table and you can find it here on her site. Thanks for an awesome tool Ducky and your generosity in sharing your knowledge :)


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall in Austin

I had a lovely time staying in Austin. I took this photo when we went for a hike down the local canyon. It was really nice and relaxing listening to the water running. At the bottom there was this original settlers house. Unfortunately it was all boarded up, but it was nice sitting there and taking in the scenery.

Friday, October 30, 2009

San Fransisco!

Today I've had the pleasure of touring San Fransisco with Cathy and her lovely hubby. Its been great and I've seen so many things that I wouldn't have without them. Here's me and the Golden Gate bridge in the background. I'm off to Texas tomorrow.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Its all about the roll, dice Cutter File

Its Friday already! We are definately in need of a new file, and I have one for you :D This would work well with Vegas pics, or any casino pics, or just playing at home with the kids.

I proudly won my first ever game of monopoly yesterday. OK I was versing my 3 kids, but considering my brother always cheated it was great to finally win. It took us 2 days to finish, in the end it was either my youngest or me. Luckily he landed on my hotel with cost him 13M, instead of me landing on 1 of his 3 hotels. I ended up with over $30M and every property on the board!

The kids worked out last night that since the game is in pounds, in Aussie dollars thats about $90M. I think they were wishing it was real money, lol.

Available in GSD AI SVG and KNK $2.49


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Western Plains Zoo

So this is what I've been up to *grin* I took my kids to Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo. Its 6hrs west of where we live, a very long drive! But so worth it.

This is me feeding the giraffes carrots. Apparently carrots are like chocolates for giraffes. Who would've thought it!

Tomorrow I'll finish up the baby files and get everything bundled together, and uploaded to the store shortly thereafter, for those that are waiting on them.