Saturday, March 21, 2009

Western Plains Zoo

So this is what I've been up to *grin* I took my kids to Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo. Its 6hrs west of where we live, a very long drive! But so worth it.

This is me feeding the giraffes carrots. Apparently carrots are like chocolates for giraffes. Who would've thought it!

Tomorrow I'll finish up the baby files and get everything bundled together, and uploaded to the store shortly thereafter, for those that are waiting on them.


~*D*~ said...

Nice pic! good job Tams! :) glad you had a good trip!

Aussie Wendy said...

Thanks D! And did you notice the hat? :)

~*D*~ said...

LOVE <3 the hat!!

and LOVE LOVE LOVE that you're coming back!!

Charlene said...

WAHhhhh!! you got to feed a giraffe!! I wanna fit in your luggage! LOL! (LOVE this picture!)
XO Char