Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Starting over

Well there is nothing like all new. In fact so new and starting so fresh its a start with nothing. Well almost nothing. I still have my cutter. How many times have you heard backup backup backup? So I backed up everything to my external hard drive because my laptop was dying. Unfortunately in a matter of minutes my laptop overheated and shutdown, which caused an internal operating error on my XHD. So now not only have I lost all my files, I have also lost all my backup.

Its very sad to not only lose all your own designs and sketches and layouts, but also all those gorgeous ones that your friends had kindly shared with you over the years.

I now have a new computer - have gone with a MAC - and have downloaded the MAC version of Inkscape, so I can once again start designing. But with a whole new learning curve just on figuring how to work those little bits of the MAC. He is mostly wonderful though (yes I've labelled it a him) and I only occasionally get the little wheel of death, as my daughter likes to call it.

I'm currently on the learning curve as I'm sure so many of you have been to work out whats compatible with my Cougar and MAC. Now winter has hit its as good as time as any to get crafting. Starting at the bottom of the slope seems a little harder this time though.


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