Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 word book

I wanted to make a little word book for my daughter. Its her last year of primary and I thought it would be nice to add pics to during the year of her and her friends. If you have a machine that can cut chipboard it would be great to cut larger and add pics to during the year and then give as a gift at Christmas. Otherwise bazill in the smaller machines cuts just as well with a couple of passes and the word book size in the file stands perfectly without bending.

This year I'm planning on making some projects in the earlier stages of the year that can be added to as we progress during the year so its not all a rush at the end. Otherwise life gets too busy and things just don't get done.

Available in GSD AI EPS SVG KNK and jpeg.
2009 Word Book: $2.49
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Lita said...

Cute book and the site is looking great!