Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chimney Santa

I love it when you drive around and look at Christmas lights with the kids. They get so excited. I remember a few years back the trend was to have a santa hanging out of a chimney on your roof. Now being stinking hot here normally for summer, and where we live even in the winter it doesn't get that cold, so there's not many chimneys around. So, people would make a fake one out of wood, paint it up and hang santa's legs out of it as if he was going on down the chimney or stuck in the top!

This is my version of Santa Claus is coming. Add it to lights photos, Christmas Eve pics or any Christmas'y photos that take your fancy.

Now available at Thats Scrap Inc.

Chimney Santa: $3.49AUD available in GSD AI EPS SVG and KNK.

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