Friday, August 22, 2008

I gotta come clean. I feel so bad. I haven't let my blog be this neglected ever! But my peeps I blame the olympics. Instead of sitting in front of the heater every night and designing and cutting, I've been curled up in bed watching the olympics. I've seen just about every sport. I don't often watch sport, its normally the football or motor racing on while DH is ironing - he gets control of the remote if he irons :) So this influx will probably do me for another 4 years, lol. Well at least 2 until the Commonwealth Games.

So there is 2 more days of the games left. And then I promise to return you to normal programming! I will have more original designs coming your way.

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Lita said...

LOL I've watched part of a hockey match and thats it - definitely not a sporty househould around here!

Hoping more layouts will make their way to your blog too...hint hint :D