Friday, July 11, 2008

Tap Shoes

A request was made on one of the yahoo groups I'm on for a piece of clipart to be made into a cutter file. Since it was of tap shoes, and my DD is very into her dancing and excellant at tap, I decided to make it.

I have no clue as to where the clipart came from so unfortunately cannot give credit to the original creator. I have however modified from the original design to suit a cutter file.

*download has been disabled*


nbayala said...

Is it at all possible to make these in an svg file

Aussie Wendy said...

I do all my designing in Inkscape, so yes I would have the SVG

Cramped Monticello said...

Could you share this file still in SVG format, all my Darling Children are Cloggers (more American folk tap dance) and this design would be perfect ! Thank you !

Cramped Monticello said...

Could you share as an SVG file still? All the children clog, (American Folk Tap Dance), and this would be perfect !