Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cherish Mesh

This is a 12" mesh I made to go with the Cherish title. My scanner has cut the end off, but it does cut the full length, just make sure you have a mat 13.5" or longer. I made one from a plastic placemat, trimmed to the same width as my normal mat and sprayed it with repositional krylon spray.

Available as a zip file containing GSD, AI, KNK, EPS, SVG & JPEG
Cherish Mesh: $2.49


Karin said...

What kind of machine do you have? I have a pink wishblade and have been looking for something to use for a longer mat so that I could make full length borders. I bought a cricut mat but was later told that it would be to thick for my machine. Thanks for the idea of the placement!

Aussie Wendy said...

I have an original blue lidded craft robo. I've tried different mats, some were too thin, some were too thick, but this one is just right! LOL. Sorry couldn't help myself.

Its just made from a cheap plastic placemat that is the same thickness as the CR mat.