Thursday, April 17, 2008


Currently here in New South Wales, Australia, where I live, its school holidays. So next week we are taking the children camping. This means for you fellow cutter file addicts, no new files for a week!

All orders recieved and paid for by Saturday afternoon (my time) will be invoiced and files will be sent prior to me going.

I am however taking my sketch book and laptop, so there will be new things to cut when I return.

If you have any suggestions for files you would like, please drop me a comment or email.

If you have used any of my files in your layouts, I would love to share them. I can link to where they are hosted, or send me a small sized jpeg and I will upload them for you.

Have a safe week and thanks for your continued interest.



Anonymous said...

How do you order your files and how do I email you??? Do your files come in KNK?? Thanks, Pam

Aussie Wendy said...

This is in my RHS bar, I'll copy it here, and I'll move it back up the top so its easier for everyone else to see.

Ta Wendy

Interested in purchasing some files?
If you would like to buy any of my files, email me at

Files are available in either GSD, SVG and EPS formats. Please specify which format you would like.

Payment is invoiced and accepted through paypal.

Thanks for your interest!
Aussie Wendy